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Migraine and Headache Cure -Relief and Pain Free Now on Streaming Video Good Things to Know About For Migraines and Well-Being!
Migraines, and Shiatsu - a natural, instant alternative Migraine and Headache Success Stories!
Migraine Relief Purchase comes with Free Bonuses How - Learn Shiatsu Pain Relief Techniques-Video IntroductionLearn Shiatsu Pain Relief Techniques-Video Introduction


treat the whole family without drugs for Instant Migraine and Headache Pain relief - everytime.

How priceless is this?

There is an alternative way for migraine headaches to be GONE in 5 minutes flat, and regular headaches in 90 Seconds – no pills, no herbs, no waiting – just relief! Included here are all the techniques you need to learn about in order to rid yourself, friends and family of all kinds of headaches.

This is simple, quick and very effective!

The DVD also includes treatments for stiff necks and shoulders, sinus cold headaches.

After you've watched the DVD, you'll also have a handy pocket-card with all the Shiatsu points for a quick reminder anywhere!

Avoiding prescription medications is always better when possible.

SHIATSU  is safe, yet effective, and Dr. Teplitz has created these specific treatments to end your migraine and headache pain without putting harmful chemicals or drugs into your body.

Dr. Teplitz has taught these Shiatsu  methods for over 30 years.  Widely used, drug-free, rapid solutions are here for you!

Backed by a 60-day money-back  guarantee -
these treatments will be effective for you or your purchase price is cheerfully refunded.

BENEFITS of Shiatsu Treatment

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DVD-Shiatsu Finger Pressure Training

Instant Migraine and Headache Relief DVD
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Migraine Relief-No Pain

Download Migraine Treatment Now

Instant Relief from Migraine & Headache Pain

Natural Migraine Cure-Affordable and Permanent Solutions

Jack Canfield on Instant Headache Relief with Shiatsu

Jack Canfield:

Co-Author; Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

"Techniques so practical, so powerful, so simple... They've done it for me and my family - they can do it for you too!"

Listen to more from Jack on why he has used Dr.Teplitz'  natural home  headache  remedy for years:

                                 Jack Canfield       

Shiatsu for Migraine Treatment

Shiatsu and Pain 
With Shiatsu, (a form of accupressure), you'll stop your headache and migraine symptoms when they happen -- NO waiting.  Shiatsu is based on the ancient Japanese healing technique which involves application of pressure to certain points on the body...

                               More About Shiatsu
      Lower Back Pain Relief with Shiatsu


Natural nutrients for migraines

Spotlight: Natural Helpers

There are natural chemicals and nutrients in the body and available in supplements that will aid treatments and reduce the suffering from migraine and headaches.  Serotonin is one of these beneficial allies, in aiding the chemical...

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A Message from Dr. Jerry

Unlike most traditional pain-relief approaches that involve drugs, my method will stop your migraines and your headaches without your having to take anything and with absolutely no side-effects.

Complete headache relief without a "down side". To put it simply, your pain will end within minutes -- you'll even avoid the waiting for medications to take effect.

If you're like most people struggling to be free of migraine headaches or everyday headache pain, you've probably tried everything: prescription drugs, painkillers, heating pads, icepacks, herbs and many other methods that get you nowhere.

You're weary of your headache pain and migraine symptoms, and you're sick of waiting around for these remedies to take effect - if they do at all - when all you want to do is just stop hurting NOW!

Worse yet, with so many so-called migraine "cures" saturating the market, it's very hard to figure out which one is really "THE One" that will actually work -- it's very frustrating.  Who has time to wade through all of that when you've got the pain and suffering of a headache or migraine going on?

Approximately 305,000 Americans are dying annually from side effects associated with Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) from legitimate drugs.  Read "Death by Medicine" 2003


You will find, as you read further on this website, additional valuable, free information to help you prevent painful migraine and headache symptoms.

You'll even find treatments for stopping sinus colds
and ending the pain of stiff necks and sore shoulders - natural alternative treatments  that will amaze you
by how effective they are, and how quickly they work.

If you decide to wait to order the complete treatment DVD, be sure to bookmark this site for those times when you need instant relief you can go to the streaming videos.

To your good health!                



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