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Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz has been successfully using and teaching the ancient Japanese finger-pressure technique called Shiatsu for over 40 years with powerful results. Your suffering will be over in 5 minutes. Dr. Teplitz approach will transform you from a chronic migraine pain suffer to being free of your debilitating pain.
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Listen to what Jack Canfield has to say about the impact of Jerry Teplitz migraine technique.

“Techniques so practical, so powerful, so simple… They’ve done it for me and my family – they can do it for you too!”

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Get Your DVD or Your Streaming Migraine Pain Relief Treatment PLUS if you purchase the DVD you’ll receive a handy quick reminder wallet card. You’ll also receive as a Special BonusShiatsu treatments that will get rid of Headache or a Hangover in 90 seconds, as well as, treatments for Sinus Colds, Stiff Neck and Sore Shoulders. Extra Special Bonus – You’ll receive handy quick reminder wallet card with all the Shiatsu treatments so once you’ve learned the treatments, you can have your relief in your pocket or purse.

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“My daughter would suffer from severe migraines. When she got one she would come home from work so I could apply the Teplitz technique. Then within minutes she could go back to work without the migraine. She even felt more relaxed – amazing!”

– Gary J. Rosenberg CEO, Rosenberg & Risinger