• Literally Miraculous!

    Here’s what else Jack Canfield had to say about these treatments:

    “…It literally seemed miraculous! It’s better than aspirin, it’s better than any other painkiller, it’s fast, it’s quick, it’s something you can do to yourself. I highly recommend these techniques.”

    – Jack Canfield, Co-author: Chicken Soup For the Soul

  • Instant Headache & Migraine Relief

    “Having long been a migraine and stress headache sufferer for almost 20 years, and having tried many remedies both pharmaceutical and holistic, it is only natural for me to be somewhat hesitant when approached with a new “miracle” in terms of headache relief. And so, when presented with this DVD, I was somewhat guarded in terms of the techniques within this instructional video working, where other “remedies” had failed.”

    Within the first few minutes of this video, I was struck with the calm, soothing nature of Dr. Teplitz and how his technique seemed almost too simple to be believed. His instructions were not only easy to follow but easy enough to perform that I found myself remembering the basic technique hours after watching the video for the first time. Of course, being the skeptic that I am, I was curious to see if this technique, in fact, would work, or if it was simply another addition to my “tried but failed” list of headache relief promises.

    The test of this technique came soon enough. Being the mother of a teen is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing when you see firsthand the boy grow into the man you dreamed he would become, but a curse when he suffers such “teen angst” that a migraine is well on the way to becoming unmanageable before you realize it has even begun. And so it was with me.

    Feeling that familiar throbbing in my scalp and over my eyes, I remembered this video and asked my husband if he would help me with the technique by Dr. Teplitz, to try to avoid a full blown migraine and all it entailed. He agreed to give it a try, and I must admit that I did not expect a technique that takes a mere 90 seconds to perform to work as this one did. Within a few minutes after the
    technique was preformed I found the tension lessening in my scalp and face and soon after that, I felt the last bits of the headache leave my scalp. A headache that mere months ago would have left me bedridden for hours if not days had been avoided completely with the application of this technique! I was (and still am) astounded at the results of this technique and quite frankly would not have believed it had I not experienced the relief firsthand. I urge all headache sufferers to try this technique. It is simple, easy to perform on yourself or others and on top of that, offers relief that is amazing! The result speaks for itself with this technique… take it from one who knows, “Instant Headache & Migraine Relief” is the best answer to migraines I have found…and that’s from someone who has tried too many “cures” to count!

    – Susan Pettrone for Reader Views (9/06)

  • Kind Thank-you – Headache Gone!

    “Occasionally when I get a headache (which is rare) I will use the Shiatsu method to relive the pain. I start applying pressure to my skull and follow the path down the middle of my head. By the time I reach the end the headache is gone.”

    – Helen L. Moskovitz, DMCP, Nashville, TN

  • Headache and Migraine Free!

    “My lifestyle is stressful, extremely active. I don’t have time to experience the pain of simple headaches, let alone a severe migraine. Unfortunately, optic migraines have bothered me for many years & interfered with my life. Not anymore. Thanks to the Jerry Teplitz’ techniques I now have an existence free from headaches and migraines.”

    – Deborah Bishop: Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist, North Hollywood, CA

  • Unbelievably Fast Treatment!

    “It’s almost unbelievable how fast the headache treatment is. My friends have been amazed and pleased when I have done it on them!”

    – Hy Gordon, Teacher, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

  • Fantastic – My Sinuses Cleared!

    “Fantastic! That’s how I describe your video to relieve pain. After going through a day and a half with terrible sinus headaches, my wife, after watching your video, applied the techniques from the video and wham, my sinuses cleared. What a great feeling!”

    – Tim Unsinn, WRLO Radio Talk Show Host, Antigo, WI

  • 100% Success!

    “Since learning your techniques for relieving pain, I have used it with 100% success. Not only myself, but my clients are also deeply impressed with the speed their headaches disappear. Thank you so much for bringing this ancient technique into public awareness. It’s a great alternative for those sufferers of headaches and migraines who are tired of taking painkillers.”

    – Sherry Balcar, President: 21st Century Learning Unlimited, Melbourne, FL